Welcome to the Spaffnerds Store!

We're the group of nerds that runs Spaffnerds.com, which includes the SpaffBase and the Forum. We are offering up Spaffnerds related items and select fan merch to help keep the website afloat, to help spread the s'nerddom, and of course to share in the love of Spafford's music. Every item for sale on this site is the work of one of our contributors, and they individually design, create, and fulfill the order of each item. It's a lot like a merch drop on Facebook, but with a little more centralized experience for you guys.

Drop us a line and let us know how we're doing. Any ideas for merch or other things to sell on this site?

Also, if you are an established Spafford fan merch creator, let us know if you would like to offer your items on this site or would like to collaborate on Spaffnerd's related items.